5 Ways to Avoid “SCAMS” While Trying to Make Money On The Internet


I know

You want to get rid of your debts, travel the world with your family, no longer work with salary and become the boss of your own business.

I also know that these words are classic.

Already google and many other search engines, facebook, youtube, “make Money at home”, “work at home”, “passive income” etc. you wrote the sentences and searched. You have thousands of results and hundreds of money-making gurus. Everyone talks about making easy and fast money. Isn’t it interesting? However, 90% of them are “scam”.

So will you give up when there are so many cheaters? How will you continue your way on the right track? How will you find the right start?

How do we avoid gurus and monetization methods that are “scam”? You can find the answers below?

1.Accurate and detailed research

Since most people do not do enough research, they easily fall into the trap of fraudsters. You should be knowledgeable about the content of the programs registered, thoroughly research people, and gather information about companies and organizations. If there are contract terms, you should carefully review them.

2. Find the right Mentor

Most of the people you come across in the search results do this to make money from youtube. A fake car, a good hotel room for rent, a good video camera, and a fake “fake” paypal account with friends who can write nice comments is enough to deceive people.

You should investigate those who emerged as guru well. How many years he has been dealing with making money from the internet, “Forbes” etc. Whether there is a success story or legal rewards in publications is an important clue to your screening criteria.

Personally, I know John Crestani as a person who meets these criteria and I recommend his methods.

3. Mindset

We are trained as a part that ensures the continuation of the system in schools and workplaces. More bouncing rabbits grab more carrots. Here you have to beat the point of view. You should know that you own a farm that sows, mows and manages the rabbits instead of being a jumping rabbit.

4. Focus The Business

You must produce value. What, to whom, why will you sell it? Why should they take this from you? What are the difficulties you encounter during the sales process? How can you overcome them? You should focus on your business like an entrepreneur and try to improve it.

5.Self Motivation-Passion

You should start with the right mental fiction and perspective. You must have keywords that you can inspire your mind. For example, instead of words like luck and bad luck, you should use words like problem and solution. You must constantly inspire your mind that you can succeed and, most importantly, you should be passionate as you go along this path. You should not neglect to reflect your passion.

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