Wake up Daddy

Time Flies..

Let the opportunities not run away, our sadness does not increase, let’s share how we can win together

Wake up Daddy! Make Some Money

— From a little boy to his father


Being a father is one of the most demanding jobs in the world. We work endlessly for the health, happiness and future of our loved ones with our motives engraved on our genetically millennial years.

We’re not like mothers, we can’t talk and worry everywhere, and often we can’t express ourselves.

However, we all have tons of thoughts and thoughts. We do not like a job, insufficient income, home loan payment at the end of the month, credit card debt, our children’s school installments, such as the wishes of our wife’s holiday ..

Throughout the day, these things go through our minds and we ask ourselves how life can be better.

This blog group was created to explore how to do better, to share experiences and to worry about fathers.

New business and investment opportunities, vacation opportunities, product opportunities, child behavior and family, health & sports, etc. We will share here any experience that can make us better in the flow of life.

And secretly we will talk.

Our goal is simple, life is short and happy with your loved ones.

Emre Dagli

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